Let me help you experience the best possible pregnancy and birth.

Lori Mortimore

Serving Skagit and parts of Island, Snohomish, and Whatcom Counties

As a Doula, my goal is to support pregnant people in attaining their best possible birth and postpartum experience. Let’s meet and discuss planning for this exciting moment in your life and the life of your child.

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Lori Mortimore, Doula      (360) 610-0296       laborwithlovewa@gmail.com

Serving Skagit and parts of Island, Snohomish, and Whatcom Counties

What IS A Doula?

Doulas provide EPIC support for expectant parents! That means we provide Emotional, Physical, Informational, and Continuous support during pregnancy, labor and birth, and early postpartum. From meeting to discuss your ideal birth experience, to being available to help you with advice and support, to attending your birth as your advocate and continuous supporter to both you and your birth partner, to helping achieve a smooth transition into new parenthood postpartum, Doulas help to ensure you have the best possible support and care.

Discover your best birthing experience.

A guide who helps mothers discover a path to a wonderful and fulfilling pregnancy, birth and new baby bliss. Through planning meetings and personalized support, a Doula can help clients identify their passions, explore potential birthing plans, and enjoy their best possible pregnancy and birth experience. 

Find the labor support you AND your partner need.

As a doula, my job is to support not only you but also your birth partner. Whether it’s your spouse, a different family member, or a close friend, my priority during your labor is to help your chosen birth partner give you the support you need! It can be hard work to provide high quality support to a laboring person, and it can also be a little overwhelming. I’ll bring knowledge and confidence to help empower your partner to be an amazing support to you, and I’ll ensure that you have continuous support if your partner needs a break.  

Choose Your Path

Work With Me

As your Doula, I will work closely with you to provide support and caring advice. I’ll get to know you and your wants and needs so I can give you the support you need to achieve the labor and birth that’s right for you.


How I Can Help You

My services include two prenatal visits where we’ll discuss your ideal birth experience and I’ll help you plan for postpartum, continuous labor support beginning when you feel you need me, and two postpartum visits where I’ll help you with adjusting to your new life as a parent including breast/chestfeeding support if desired. Once you hire me, I’ll be available by phone, text, or video chat if you have questions or concerns outside of our regular visits.


Latest Blog & Articles

I am committed to providing articles I hope will inform and inspire my clients. I’ll include topics ranging from pregnancy to labor and birth to caring for babies in their first years with practical advice for what you really need to know.